Curriculum Expectations

In an effort to prepare students for the world, our schools realize that student success and preparation must begin as soon as possible; therefore we present to you what students will learn in the Shelton School District in the link below.

Education has never been more important than it is today. Our students face international competition for employment and an increasing pace of change that impacts their future. Together we must prepare students to compete and win on the world stage so they can pursue their hopes and dreams.

It is imperative the Shelton Schools, parents and families continue to work together in earnest to ensure student success at every grade level. I truly believe the efforts put forth by our PK-12 instructional review process will refine teaching and learning throughout our school system. This will contribute significantly towards our mutually desired outcome, which is student success and ultimate graduation from high school and beyond. I look forward to our journey in continued collaboration to achieve student success for all.

PK Curriculum Expectations.pdf

K Curriculum Expectations.pdf

1st Grade Curriculum Expectations.pdf

2nd Grade Curriculum Expectations.pdf

3rd Grade Curriculum Expectations.pdf

4th Grade Curriculum Expectations.pdf

Preescolar Expectativas Curriculares.pdf

Kinder Expectativas Curriculares.pdf

1er. Expectativas Curriculares.pdf

2o. Grado Expectativas Curriculares.pdf

3er. Expectativas Curriculares.pdf

4o. Expectativas Curriculares.pdf