Authors Visit Mt. View

Authors Visit Mt. View
Posted on 05/16/2022

Our students met two amazing authors in the past few weeks. Erica Perl, author of over 45 books, Zoomed with our kindergarten through second graders from her home in Washington, D.C.  She read her book, Goatilocks, and shared a sneak peek of the cover of her newest book.  She answered some questions from students and showed her first book that she wrote as a student in elementary school. She may have inspired some future authors through her interaction with us!
Erica Perlzoom visit     

Mary Boone, author of many nonfiction books, shared her newest book Bugs for Breakfast: How Eating Insects Could Save the Planet with our 3rd and 4th graders here in the gym. We all learned so much about her research, writing and bugs! Several brave staffmembers ate crickets and decided that the flavor wasn't bad at all. It was a great day for our Mt. View readers.
Mary Boone
eating bugs