Student of the Week
Student of the week is chosen by grade level teams and Mt. View staff. They choose students who are following the Viking Pledge of being kind, being safe, and working hard! Way to go Mt. View Vikings!

This week we honor:
1st grader Eliana:

Eliana comes to school to work hard! She is helpful and kind and such a great member of our classroom family! 

-Mrs. Bielec

1st grader Jacob:

Jacob comes to school with a smile on his face everyday! He is kind, hard working, and a great friend to all! 

-Mrs. Bielec

2nd Grader Ellie:

Ellie is a hard working, helpful student.  If she doesn’t understand, she asks for help.  If a friend needs help, she is the first one to offer help.  We are so glad that Ellie is in our classroom family. 

Mrs. J. Lacy

2nd grader Jordan:

Jordan is the most caring and helpful friend.  He is always willing to lend a hand to a fellow student, in the classroom or on the playground.  Our classroom family is so thankful to have Jordan as a friend.  

Mrs. J. Lacy

3rd grader Nova:

Nova’s bright attitude encourages her classmates to try their best! She is a kind friend and a hard worker. We are so lucky to have Nova in our class!

-Ms. Boysen

Week of May 10th:

Kindergartener Aiden:
Aiden is a hard worker and comes to class ready to learn. He is a friend to everyone and enjoys learning new things. Keep up the good work!
- Mrs. Lacy

Kindergartener Ivy:
Ivy is a sweet caring and funny girl. She always comes to class with a smile ready to learn. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
-Mrs. Lacy

2nd grader Tristen:

Tristen is a hard worker! He is always ready to learn and participate. He continually puts forth his best effort. He is willing to share his ideas and help other students. Thank you Tristen for your great attitude!

-Ms. O’Keefe

2nd grader Nina:
Girl Face Cartoon.png

Nina comes to class ready to learn and has a great attitude. She shares her ideas and is an amazing writer. She is a friend to everyone and always has kind things to say. Thank you Nina for all your hard work!

-Ms. O’Keefe

4th grader Yovany:

Yovany comes to class ready to learn, he uses his tools and participates both in-person and online! Sometimes he even brings his baby brother to our Zoom class, and I love having him too! So grateful for students like Yovany!

Week of May 3rd:

Kindergartener Kember:
Kember is always questioning to learn additional information and shares her knowledge on topics with others! She continues to show growth. Way to go Kember! Keep up the good work! -Mrs. Oderman

1st grader Aubree:
Aubree is my little helper in my class. She likes keep the classroom tidy and help other students with their work. She does well in all subjects and always has nice work to turn in. Thank you, Aubree, for being an amazing student.  Love, Mrs. L

1st grader Nathaly:

Estoy muy impresionada con la integridad de Nathaly Ramos Ramos. La encuentro limpiando en el salon de clases sin preguntarle. A ella le encanta aprender en la escuela y siempre hace trabajo de calidad. Gracias por la gran sonrisa que me das Nathaly. Con amor, Sra. L.

Nathaly amazes me with her integrity. I find her cleaning up areas in the classroom without being asked.  She also has this love to learn and it shows. She gives quality work too. Thank you, Nathaly, for putting a big smile on my face. Love, Mrs. L

2nd grader Miguel:
Miguel  is always helping his follow students. He often uses encouraging words and also works hard on completing his k12 assignments! Miguel is a pleasure to have in class. - Mrs. Carey

2nd grader Yojana:

Yojana goes above and beyond on her assignments. She is always trying her best and it shows! Yojana loves to participate in class by raising her hand and presenting her work. Yojana is also a wonderful little artist! - Mrs. Carey

3rd grader Ikaika:

Ikaika is so helpful and kind! He is always holding the door open for the class and helps clean up toys from recess. In class he works hard and tries his best. Keep it up!


4th grader Kyleigh:

Kyleigh is incredibly Kind not only to her teachers but to all her peers and she has been working so HARD!  She has wanted to especially improve her math skills, so she has done extra work to make that happen!  -Mrs. Waters

Week of April 25th:
Kindergartener Joseph:
SOW _Joseph

Joseph loves to share what he knows and what he wants to learn about with the class. He works hard at every class meeting and never fails to bring a smile to my face.
-Mrs. Mullins

Kindergartener Jayne:
May be a cartoon of one or more people

Jayne comes to class ready to learn and make people smile and laugh! She is always ready to share an idea or ask a question. She is a friend to everyone and enjoys learning.
-Mrs. Mullins

1st grader Kanyon:
May be a cartoon
Kanyon works hard and loves to share his ideas and answers. He attends all his meetings and has really grown in his math skills. Way to go, Kanyon!
-Mrs. Knight

1st grader Bella:
May be an illustration of child

Bella works so hard to get her work done. She comes to all her meetings and loves to raise her hand and share her learning. Bella always has a big smile and is a great example of a MTV Viking.
-Mrs. Knight

2nd grader Elianna:
Eli always tries her hardest and does quality work. She is a good friend to others and is so very sweet to her teacher! I appreciate her! - Mrs. Goodale

2nd Grader Crisli:
Crisli comes to school with a smile on his face and ready to learn! He is a big help to me. He helps me translate for another student and is always willing to help in anyway he can. He is a good friend to others. - Mrs. Goodale

3rd grader Beau: 
May be an illustration of one or more people

I chose Beau for Student of the Week because of his awesome attitude! I enjoy Beau’s happy hello in the mornings. I appreciate his love of learning and eagerness to get work done. You’re doing awesome things Beau, keep it up! -Mrs. DeWall

2nd grader Sofia:
May be an image of child and standing

Sofia comes to reading group ready to work every day. She works hard and loves writing!
-Mrs. Mackintosh

Week of April 19th:
Kindergartener Makayla:


Is a hard worker in class and online. She continues to give her best effort.
-Mrs. Hopkins

Kindergartener Niko:
Niko- He is a hard worker with every subject and completes both in class and online work.
-Mrs. Hopkins
Kindergartener Noah:


Noah has more confidence and is participating in class discussions. He is working hard in class to meet his goals. Way to go, Noah! Keep up the good work!

~Mrs. Oderman
3rd grader Logan:

Logan is a stellar student that always participates in class. Sometimes I even have to tell him he´s not allowed to answer. He is responsible and kind. I feel so lucky that I get to teach Logan.  

-Mrs. T
4th grader January: January

January is an extremely hard working student. She gives 100% when completing her assignments and never complains. When working on drawings that go with her classwork, she creates brilliant images that bring her work to life. It is wonderful having a student like January in class.
-Ms. Atkinson
4th grader Brian:
School Clipart - student-boy-working-on-laptop-clipart - Classroom Clipart

Brian is a hard working, positive student.  He always does his best and encourages others to do the same!  Way to go, Brian!

-Mrs. Strumski and Mrs. Vernon

Week of April 12th:
Kindergartener Lisandra:

Lisandra is a good friend and loves to help. She works hard and  learns new thing. I am so glad to have her in my class. Keep up the good work Lisandra! 

-Mrs. Lacy

Kindergartener Jace:

I am so glad to have Jace in my class. Jace shows up to class with a smile and a positive attitude everyday. He enjoys sharing his ideas and participating in group activities. Thank you Jace for all your hard work!

-Mrs. Lacy
1st grader Barney: Barney has been working hard everyday! In class he offers to help others, works hard to finish all of his work, and I am so happy to get to have him in class each day!
-Mrs. Bielec

1st Grader Marcos:

Marcos joined our class when we switched to in person learning and he has been an amazing addition to our class! He has been working hard to complete his homework and shows up to class happy and ready to learn everyday! 

-Mrs. Bielec

2nd Grader Harper:

She has done a wonderful job of being on top of her work and is always willing to assist her fellow classmates if they are struggling! She is kind, considerate and persists in her learning! And is always doing it with a smile! 
~ Miss Hays


3rd Grader Jayda:

Jayda continues to strive for greatness! She always tries her best and has a positive attitude. I am so lucky to have her in class! Thank you Jayda, keep up the hard work!

-Ms. Boysen
3rd Grader Jaxten:

Jax never fails to get his K12 work done on his online days, comes to school with a smile on his face and is always ready to learn. He tries his best and is a great friend. Thank you,  Jax!


4th Grader Randy:
Randy is ALWAYS helpful. He is so kind for his teachers. He arrives in class early and always asks “What can I help you with?” And, no matter what job we ask him to do, he says “Sure, I can do that for you” with a smile on his face. He has taken to our math challenge tiles like a champ and does not quit - understands perseverance and grit and encourages others. This demonstrates both hard work and kindness! - Mrs. Waters

Week of March 22nd:

kindergartener Mario:

Mario is a very hard worker. He is always working hard to learn more and more each day! He is really happy and friendly student. It has been so much fun having him in class! - Mrs. Mullins

Kindergartener Raylee:

Raylee is a very kind student. She loves to share and ask questions. She is working really hard to learn all of her letter sounds and numbers! I have really enjoyed having Raylee in my class.
- Mrs. Mullins

1st grader Gendri:

Gendri impresses me every week with his dedication to his school work. He consistently surpasses his Imagine Learning time goals and does his best to come to every live meeting even when his internet is giving him issues. If he doesn’t make it to a scheduled meeting, he ALWAYS pops into my Zoom room later in the day to check in with me and let me know he’s doing okay. I am so happy to have Gendri in my class. 
-Miss Mackintosh

Week of March 15th:
Kindergartener Ryen:

Ryen is so fun to have in class. She always does her best and works hard. She is so happy and makes others smile as well. Keep up the great work, Ryen!
-Mrs. Swick

Kindergartener Conan:

Conan is kind and hardworking. He is always on task and works so hard. It has been so fun to have him in class and he always asks the best questions! Keep up the great work, Conan!
-Mrs. Swick

1st grader Owen:
Owen is one of most selfless students I have ever met. He has a strong empathy for others and spreads kindness in the classroom.  Thank you Owen for putting a huge smile on all of our faces in the classroom. You are an amazing child!
Love, Mrs. L


Riley has such a sweet and kind demeanor. She is always on-task and gives over 100% effort on her assignments. I often use her assignments as an example of excellent work. Thank you, Riley, for being such a great student. I am blessed to have you in my class! 

Love, Mrs. L

2nd grader Yana:

Yana is a very hardworking student.  She always tries her best.  Yana even asked to have additional math lessons, to get more practice.  Thanks for your hard work, Yana!!!

Mrs. Lacy, 2nd Grade

2nd grader Cole:

Cole is a true pleasure to have in class.  He works hard, asks great questions, and is a good leader to his classmates.  I’m so glad to have in my class this year!
-Mrs. Lacy, 2nd grade

Week of March 8th:

Kindergartener Payton:

Payton is kind and caring. She attends live meetings and loves to participate and help. Thank you, Payton, for all your hard work!

Kindergartener Thomas:

Thomas is a hard worker! He attends all our live meetings and participates. Keep up the good work, Thomas!

Week of March 1st:

1st grader Mary:
Mary comes to every live meeting and participates in every activity. She is kind to her classmates and always tries her best!
-Miss Mackintosh

2nd grader Titus:
Titus always comes to group ready to learn. He has worked hard and made fantastic progress with his reading skills.
-Mrs. Mackintosh

2nd grader Angel:

Angel attends and participates in our class meetings. He is patient and waits his turn to share ideas and answer questions. He works hard to complete all of his K12 assignments. Angel is a great example of a Mt. View Viking!
-Ms. O'Keefe

2nd grader Simona:

Simona comes to all of our class meetings ready to learn. She participates by asking and answering questions. Simona also gets all of her K12 assignments done every week. Thank you, Simona, for all of your hard work!
-Mrs. O'Keefe

3rd grader Natalie:

Natalie never misses a meeting or an assignment for the day. She is an independent, responsible learner! Keep working hard Natalie!
-Mrs. T

4th grader Brodie:

Brodie is a very dedicated student!  She works hard every day!  She always strives to do her best.  We are so proud of her!  Keep it up Brodie!
-Mrs. Dagle

Week of Feb.22:

Kindergartener Ben:

Ben is such a delight to have in class! He comes to the whole group meetings and small group meeting every day. Ben loves to make people smile and is a hard worker. He has grown so much this school year!  Way to go Ben!
-Mrs. Mullins

Kindergartener Hunter:

Hunter is an AMAZING hard worker! She is always ready to participate and do her best. She is very kind and makes people smile at every class meeting. She does a great job of using perseverance! Awesome job Hunter!
-Mrs. Mullins

1st grader: Manuela

Manuela has worked so hard the last few weeks to make it to her live classes! She is on task and doing a great job!
-Mrs. Bielec

1st grader Jessie:

Jessie comes to class ready and excited to learn every single day! He always tries his best and participates throughout every live lesson! Way to go Jessie!
-Mrs. Bielec

Week of Feb.15th.

Kindergartener Jeromy:

Jeromy is a hard worker and ready to learn new things everyday. Great job Jeromy.

Kindergartener Brayden:

 Brayden comes to meetings and is ready to work hard with a smile on his face. Great job Brayden.

First Grader Yaira:

She has consistently participated in her
Specialist classes and always has a positive attitude! She is kind, respectful and a joy to have in our classes. We are very proud of all the effort she has put into her online classes. Way to go Yaira!

-Specialists Team

Week of Feb. 8th:

Addison from Kindergarten:

Addison comes to our live meetings with a smile and enthusiasm. She works hard and is very kind and thoughtful. Thank you Addison for all your hard work!

-Mrs. Lacy
Brantley from Kindergarten:

Brantley comes to our live meeting ready to learn. He is always willing to share is thoughts and ideas. Brantley is a hard worker. Thank you Brantley keep up the good work!

-Mrs. Lacy

Fiona from First Grade: Fiona comes to our class morning meeting always prepared to work hard. She is kind, and always waits her turn to share. She is friendly and reaches out to friends! Thank you for being kind and working hard, Fiona

Henrik from First Grade:

Henrik consistently comes to our live meetings cheerful ready to and share his ideas! He is always prepared and ready to learn. Henrik works hard and uses good virtual classroom manners.

Thank you, Henrik for your hard work! -Mrs. Dale
Herb from Third Grade: He
rb attends every class meeting on time and ready to learn. He works hard on all of his K12 work and continues to challenge himself in Dreambox and extra meetings with me. Keep up the hard work, I am so proud! -Mrs. DeWall

Week of Jan. 19th:

Kember from Kindergarten:

Kember is such a hard worker. She attends class meetings with a smile and is always willing to share. Kember is an amazing artist and a creative writer! Keep up the hard work Kember!

-Mrs. Clow

Logan from Kindergarten:

Logan is a great example of being a worker. He comes to class meetings and tries his best! He always has an idea to share with the class and is an amazing builder! Keep working hard Logan! 

-Mrs. Clow
Lydia from First Grade:

Lydia is a kind and enthusiastic student. She always participates in her meetings. She loves to learn new things and share her learning.We are so proud of you Lydia.

-Mrs. Knight
Konner from First Grade:

Konner always participates in his meetings everyday. He loves to build things and share his learning with others. He is wonderful to have in class. Way to go Konner!

-Mrs. Knight
Kevin from Second Grade:

Kevin brings joy and laughter to our class meetings! He consistently listens and participates in class discussions. Even when things are difficult he keeps a smile on his face! I’m so lucky to be his teacher!

-Mrs. Goodale

Bernice from Second Grade:

Bernice comes to every class meeting with a smile on her face! She is an enthusiastic learner and an excellent listener. She works hard and strives to do her best. I am so proud of her and happy that she is a part of our class!

-Mrs. Goodale

Danna from Fourth Grade:

Danna consistently participates in her Specialist classes and works very hard! She is very driven and loves to learn!  She is always kind, respectful and such a wonderful student. We are so proud of you! - Specialists Team

Week of Jan 11th-15th:

Wilmer from Kindergarten:

Wilmer comes to class every day with a smile and positive attitude. He has been doing an excellent job of participating in class! Wilmer is a hard worker. -Mrs. Mullins
Penny from Kindergarten:

Penny comes to every class ready to learn and do her best! She is a hard worker and a friend to everyone. She is a very positive student and always makes me smile!  -Mrs. Mullins
Piper from First Grade:

Piper shows up to class ready to work! She offers help to others (including Mrs. Bielec), she is eager to learn new things, and always has a smiling face! 

-Mrs. Bielec
Henry from First Grade:

Henry puts a huge smile on all of our faces in class. He comes to class with a positive, fun, and enthusiastic attitude. He loves to compliment others and ask how they are. What a super student and a super kid! I am so thankful to have Henry in my class! -Mrs. Lorberfeld
Tristan from First Grade:

Tristan is always at specialists class. He brings energy and enthusiasm! We love to see his hard work and kindness. We are so proud of you! -Specialists Team

Rylie from Second Grade:

Rylie Weaver is a Super Student.  She works hard in all of our online classes.  Rylie likes to participate in class by raising her and giving her ideas.  I am so thankful she is in our class!! -Mrs. Lacy
Kenzie from Third Grade:

Kenzie comes to every single class, participates with enthusiasm, and is always so positive. She shows responsibility every day. Way to go Kenzie! -Mrs. Trogstad
Emmett from Fourth Grade:
Emmett is new to Mt. View this year and we are so glad he’s here. He is an extremely hard worker, provides wonderful answers in class, and is always respectful. Mrs. Waters and I are lucky to have him in our class. Great job, Emmett -Mrs. Atkinson and Mrs. Waters

Myles from Fourth Grade: Myles consistently participates in class and completes all his work.  He is also very helpful.  He is willing to share his work and explain how to do things virtually.  We appreciate all you do as a student and we enjoy seeing your smiling face every day!  -Mrs. Dagle and Mrs. Vernon

Week of Jan. 4th:
Jase from Kindergarten:

Jase comes to all our live meetings and works very hard on his daily plan in K12. He shares his ideas and is kind and thoughtful.
-Mrs. Swick

Angela from Kindergarten:

Angela works so hard everyday on her K12 daily plan. She comes to all the live meetings with a smile on her face and is kind and respectful.

-Mrs. Swick
Brandon from First Grade:

Brandon always joins my group on time, ready to learn, and is engaged with the lessons. Brandon is cheerful, respectful of others' turn to speak and is an eager, engaged learner!

-Ms. Turek

-Mrs. Dale

Nora from Second Grade: Nora is AMAZING. She attends each of our meetings and is always on time. She is eager to share and willing to help others who may need an extra nudge. She’s been a pleasure to have in class. -Mrs. Smith
Avery from Second Grade:

Avery is such a go-getter. He doesn’t  let anything bring him down. He attends each meeting and works hard to solve problems, even if he is still learning. -Mrs. Smith
Giselle from Second Grade: Specialists would like to honor Giselle! She has consistently participated in our Specialist classes and has worked very hard! She is always enthusiastic about learning new things, respectful and such a joy to have in our classes. Way to go Giselle!

Wes from Third Grade:
Wes is consistently completing work, attending class meetings, and making us laugh! His hard work and kind heart don’t go unnoticed in our class! Keep it up Wes, I’m so proud of you! -Mrs. DeWall

Week of December 14th:

2nd Grader Marilyn

Marilyn is always on time, ready to learn, and setting a good example for the entire class!
-Mrs. Strumski

Second Grader Levi:

Levi has worked very hard and is participating more and more. He has an amazing attitude and sets a fantastic example for his class!
-Mrs. Strumski

Third Grader Ryder:

Ryder participates in class meetings, always completes his work and tries his best! Thank you for being an outstanding Viking!


Fourth Grader Lily Rose: Student Lily-Rose is an extremely hard working student. She comes to class with a smile on her face and is always willing to share or volunteer.  She completes her work that day it is given and always strives to do her best. We appreciate all of your hard work! -Mrs. Atkinson
Fourth Grader Gianna:

Gianna represents the Viking Pledge perfectly.  She is hardworking and kind. Gianna works hard to complete each and every assignment.  Thanks for you grit and stamina! -Mrs. Vernon